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Credit Repair Companies 101


Best Credit Repair Companies

If you need your credit score fixed, a lot of credit repair firms offer this kind of service. Having numerous options, the question now is which credit repair firm would be the most reliable and could get the job done for you? This article will give the top 3 credit repair companies based on feedback from clients, years of experience, the cost of the service, and Better Business Better Bureau (BBB) accreditation.

Leading the pack is the Lexington Law. They are an easy pick at number 1 because of their proven results, outstanding customer service and affordability. Lexington Law has been in the industry for already 22 years. It has served over 500,000 clients. As of now, Lexington Law has 22 lawyers and 400 paralegals across 16 States. It is going to cost you $99.95 to avail their service and could go as low as $59.95 per month. Lexington Law also offers a $50 discount for spouse if both of you are going to avail their service. Lexington Law also offers free consultation. You just have to call their toll free number, 800-220-0084.

Next on the list is Sky Blue. Sky Blue is another great credit repair company. Like Lexington Law, it has 22 years of experience and an A+ rating from BBB. You can opt in for their service and cancel anytime if you feel like it. Sky Blue offers discount for your spouse and they could give it half of the price if you both sign up. It is only going to be $49 per month to set up an account and they offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Lastly is the DSI Solutions. The DSI Solutions is one of the best credit repair companies with 10-year experience in this industry. They provide free set up fee if you are going to pay for the monthly subscription upfront. They also offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. DSI Solutions is also the cheapest among the 3 because they only require $19 to avail their service.


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